5 Reasons Why Men Won’t Marry and Go Their Way



Why does long relationship never end up married? Supposedly, happy couples who are in romantic connection for too long should discuss marriage. But some guys, they were only capable of handling relationships and other than that nothing more. Marriage for them is waste of money and time. And for women, before you give all yourself to this man, know what his plans for future or are you part of his dreams. Never stay in a relationship if your man doesn’t have the intention to settle with you in future. Many men fail to tell straight their woman that they don’t like to tie the knot. So, women presume that one of the days their partner will propose to them. That’s why some of the long relationships end up broke especially for the women because of the long time they’ve spent with that guy and will shatter their heart at the end. Never settle yourself with this man says White City Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/white-city-escorts.


So if you’re one of the women think about this all the time, here are ten reasons why men won’t marry you and go their own way.


  1. Enjoy life

Most men won’t settle because they want to enjoy life and they can do it even if alone. Men are brave, and many of them can live without women. They think that marriage is dull like you have to watch over your kids. Instead of being tied up, they enjoy life for a lifetime says White City Escorts.


  1. Don’t take responsibility

Most men hate having duties like everyone is pressuring him to produce that amount because he has a family to take care. His night out became a nightmare.


  1. Playboy

Men don’t like marriage as they a have many girls they want. He has no responsibility to anyone, and he can do his own thing. He can spend nights with a couple of girls rather than being locked up in one bedroom with the same girl. Playboys are not going to seal the deal with you. Don’t be fooled by them says White City Escorts.


  1. Time

Men usually never marry because they think they have all the time in the world. Instead of wasting it by cooking at home, playing with his children and going to work which stress him all day, he can use time by building his own business alone without being annoyed or being force what to do. They know that life has many opportunities to offer with him when staying single.


  1. Unfaithful

Men usually won’t enter marriage because of being unfaithful. Some men to go their way because of lifetime commitment. They were afraid to settle down when they all know they are prone to temptations.



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