Barking escorts agencies have just recruited some new talent, and the ladies sound hot

Joining the ranks of Barking escorts are Clara and Patricia from the United States. They are both former Las Vegas girls who are now looking forward to working as Barking escorts of

Barking escorts agencies are proud of their recruits, but it has to said that some Barking escorts are a bit vary. Why do they need Las Vegas girls in Barking?

The truth is that the porn, sex and escorts industry in Las Vegas is beginning to collapse. The resort is rapidly changing, and the focus is now on family entertainment. The Las Vegas back streets are clean, and many local clubs shut down. Sin City is trying to turn itself into Family City. As a result, many local escorts and porn stars struggled to make ends meet and force to search for employment elsewhere.

The Las Vegas escorts and porn industry used to be hugely profitable, but these days it is struggling. More and more guards forced to go underground, and many leading escorts agencies have closed.

The two ladies who have Barking girls both have secure connections to the UK. Both of their moms came from the UK, so they are really in touch with the UK way of life. Both the ladies are looking forward to working in the UK, but they understand that things are done differently over here.

I see it as a great big colossal adventure, Clara tells the Better Sex Guide. I have been to the UK several times, but I never dreamed of working here. At the moment, I am trying to moderate my American accent a little bit. So far, none of my dates have minded, but I am aware that I have a strong American emphasis.

She continues: Escort practices are different over here, and it is clear that both myself and Patricia are going to have to change our style a little bit. Escorts here are very discreet, while in the United States, they are much more full-on. The first thing we did was to go and shop for complete new wardrobes as our style of dressing did not fit in over here.

Patricia agrees with Clara but says that she is ready for the change. We will have to learn to be more discreet and a bit less sexy, but otherwise, it is very much business as usual. Dating over here is a different experience, and I have to say that I like it so far.


The agencies have treated us very nicely, and many of the ladies we work with have been very supportive. I feel confident that we are going to fit in nicely.

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