Dancing in the rain

What turns you on? Coming from a country where it does not rain very much, I love the rain. Everything about the rains turns me on, and if I could I would go out dancing naked in the rain. Unlike the other girls at Finchley escorts, I have several pairs of wellies, and I am even in love with the word Wellingtons. When one of the English girls first mentioned it, I was wondered what it was. But ever since then I have been made about my Wellingtons and I am the proud owner of several pairs of Wellingtons.

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I have also been able to put together a nice collection of umbrellas. When I go into Finchley escort on a rainy day, I make sure that I have a different umbrella every time. I am not nuts, I just like umbrellas. Recently I opened the door to one of my gents dressed in black stockings, Wellington and a rain hat on. At the time, I sort of felt really comfortable in rain hats, so I decided to wear them. He was surprised, but at the same time, he thought that I looked kind of sexy.

My apartment has this huge great big bay window, and when it rains a lot, I sit in the window and look out. My neighbours across the road have seen me and ask why I sit in the window. I don’t know how many times that I have explained to various people that it does no rain that much in Egypt and I am just fascinated by the rain. A couple of weeks back, a gentleman who I see a lot of at Finchley escorts asked me to come to Yoirkshire with him. In rained, and I loved being curled up in a jumper and a pair of jeans with my Wellingtons on. He did not think that I would want to go out, but I would not miss out on rain weather.

It is funny how we have all different things which turns us on. Back home in Egypt, we talk about the rain a lot. Here in the UK, most people like to talk about the sun and how much they miss the sun. I can understand that, but I don’t want to leave the UK and move back to Egypt. I like it too much here and the weather suits me. Working for Finchley escorts is great, and I have made some great friends.

When I can have an evening away from Finchley escorts, I often go belly dancing. I have a couple of places where I perform on a regular basis and I love it. Since I came to London, I have kind of built up a following for my dancing and I have some gentlemen who come to watch me all of the time. Recently I have been putting up notices and giving out leaflets to all of my dates. I did not think that nay of them would turn up, but many of them have. They seem to appreciate my belly dancing and I sort of do it burlesque style. By the end of the evening, I have normally done pretty well in tips, and I often send some money back home to my family in Egypt.

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