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It is the desire of every man to satisfy his woman sexually. Any man who cannot do this is a worried person. He may begin to develop a feeling that his spouse might seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. A real man should have a long lasting and fulfilling sex. The good news is that there are certain exercises which can help you perform better sex so that you do not disappoint your spouse in bed. These are the exercises.

Tongue exercises

Strengthen your tongue muscles and jaw by doing tongue push-up. You simply push the lower side of your tongue tip in front of hard palate said by the girls from Hackney Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/hackney-escorts. Repeat this several times until it becomes much easier. This will enhance your stamina for better sex especially oral sex.


Squats are some of the most important exercises that every man should do for better sex. Take some weights with you and place them on both ends of the bar. Then lift it high and place it on your shoulders said by the girls from Hackney Escorts. Begin to squat down and up several times while bending your knees at a certain angle for the best results. This will help to get rid of belly fat that reduces the level of testosterone hormone in the body. In return, you will be able to perform better sex.

Squats also help to strengthen leg and abdominal muscles. This prevents you from getting tired when doing sex. You will be able to have a long lasting sex session.

Forearm exercises

You need to strengthen your forearm said by the girls from Hackney Escorts. This can be done by lifting dumb bells several times. 10 reps and 3 sets is sufficient. This will enhance the development of muscles in your arms for that extra energy when performing sex.

Abs and lower back

Different sex positions rely on the use of abdominal muscles as well as those at the lower back. You should therefore practice dead lift, push-ups, planks and inverted curls. Once these muscles become stronger, be sure that your partner will smile between the sheets said by the girls from Hackney Escorts. You will have a long lasting and hard erection.


This sounds simple but it is very important. Testosterone, which is a hormone responsible for sexual characteristics in men, is usually produced at night said by the girls from Hackney Escorts. Therefore, if you want to have high level of this essential hormone, make sure that you have adequate sleep for maximum production.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor muscle refers to a hammock-shaped muscle that stretches from pubic to tail bone. Doing pelvic floor exercises helps to strengthen these muscles. When they are strong, your erectile strength will increase, you will have control over ejaculation and the strength of your orgasm will increase.


In conclusion, every man should take the initiative to practice the exercises above for better sex. Your sexual performance will be boosted significantly and your partner will be satisfied sexually.

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