Heart to Heart

It is nice to be able to have a heart to heart with somebody, and many of my gents that I meet at these sexy Essex escorts which can be found on http://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts/ seem to enjoy doing just that. I am sure that many of them are in fact very lonely, and are often left talking to themselves. They do say that you can get some of the best answers from yourself but the truth is that it is not that nice to talk to yourself. To have a good conversation with someone is at the end of the day so much better. It is all too easy to forget that it is good to talk.

the sexiness of essex escorts
the sexiness of essex escorts

I have loved my entire escorts career, but I feel that I have more time for my gents now that I am working for Essex escorts. Okay, some places of Essex are in Greater London but at the same time there are some rather nice villages and smaller towns in Essex as well. I much prefer living in here and I feel that I have more time to myself. In London I did not live very far from my boudoir, but everything seemed to have taken a lot more time still.

The girls who work for Essex escorts are a bit friendlier as well. The atmosphere at the London agency that I used to work for was rather catty and could even get rather bitchy at times. The girls were always trying to get one over on the other one, and in the end I did not feel comfortable working there. The Polish girls were always desperate for money, and they would do almost anything to attract a date. I am not that sort of girl, and I do believe English escorts are into a different style of dating if you like.

Would I go back to working in London? No, I would not go back to working in London. I did enjoy my time in London but I feel that Essex escorts is a much better place for me to work. We have a lot of fun at the agency, and I can even sit down to have a nice heart to heart with some of the other girls who work for the agency. Also the London escort service is really competitive and I would almost describe it as fierce. You have to be a bit of a minx to make within the escort service in London these days.

I really do like the gents that I have met at Essex escorts. Even though I have only been here for a very short time, I have been able to build up a nice dating diary. I am sure that things will get even better and one day I will be able to leave the Essex escort service with my head held high. What I am going to do after I leave, I am not so sure about as yet. Like all other girls I have many secret dream, and perhaps it is best for me to keep my thoughts to myself.

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