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I know it is not easy to say no to a nice glass of wine when it has been bought buy one of your London escorts dates, but perhaps you should. Having one glass of wine a day is okay, but you should not really have anymore than that. Some doctors say that wine is good for you, and most of the time, a limited amount of wine is indeed good for you, but you should not overdue. I know it is easy to say, and hard to do, but too much alcohol can have a lot of negative side effects.

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When you start to increase your alcohol, you may notice you are putting on weight. A glass of wine contains so much more than just grape juice. Unless it is a very good quality wine, it can be packed with sugar, and that can make you put on weight. Of course, alcohol in itself is very fattening, and I would say that the majority of London escorts are watching their waist line. Have one glass of one, but try to stop there.

You may also notice that your skin quality might change. For instance, drinking too much can cause wrinkles and dry out your skin. This is a common side effect of alcohol that we seldom talk about. However, if you want to look after your skin, and look great for your London escorts dates, do try to limit your alcohol intake. Remember that it is not only wine which can play havoc with your skin quality. Other alcoholic drinks will have the same effect.

Drinking cocktails is a bit of a professional hazard for London escorts. We are often asked to join gentlemen in cocktail bars around London, and while we are happy to do, you may notice that we don’t drink too much alcohol. Another side effect of alcohol is tiredness, and believe me, when you work for London escorts, you can’t really afford to be tired when you are on a date. You need to be on top of your game all of the time, and I am certainly very careful when it comes to having too much to drink. It would be awful to turn up for a date looking tired and bedraggled.

Are we aware enough of the harmful effects of alcohol? I am not sure that we are. We talk about drinking too much enough, but I am not sure that we are really aware of the side effects. Long term over the top drinking habits can lead to liver problems and even cardiac problems. It is not easy to say know at the time, but could it be that you regret it later. I think that many of us even regret drinking too much the next day. The trick is learning how to say, and what rinking in moderation means. To be honest, drinking in moderation, is easier said than done, and I cannot say that I am very good at it myself.

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