Is faking orgasms okay?

I started to date escorts after I found out that my wife faked all of her orgasms. It really put me off women and now I am not happy unless I am together with a petite girl. I am sure that I am over reacting but I just cannot help it. At this moment in time, I feel that I want to step back in time and it must be one of the reasons I started to date petite escorts. All of the petite girls that I have dated so far have made me feel like I am a young man again, and I think it has given me a new lease on life.

the passionate escorts of petite


But, I have to admit that I am finding it expensive to date petite escorts after my divorce. It did cost me a lot of money to go through my divorce, and I had to sell our home. Yes, I got some money left over, but I also found out that my wife was entitled to part of my pension plan. That was perhaps not the best news, and I am now having to work hard to get some more money into the bank. I do need to top up my pension plan so that I can afford to retire in some comfort.


It is not that easy to find petite escorts any more. Before I got married, you could find petite escorts almost anywhere in London. That has changed a lot in recent years, and I now struggle a bit. If you want to find true petite escorts, you need to find a first class escorts service first of all. There are a few really good escorts services in London, but they do tend to be expensive. This is perhaps why I am a bit concerned about my finances when it comes to dating petites.


What is so special about petite escorts? It is hard to say what is special about petite girls. I personally find them more feminine and more natural to be with than other women. One of the first girls that I ever fell in love was a petite girls, and maybe this is one of the reasons my marriage did not work out for me. Yes, I know that I am partially to blame as I did not always pay attention to my wife’s needs when it came to the bedroom. Looking at it, perhaps I got married to the wrong girl.


If I got married again, it would have to be to a petite girl. A friend of mine recently got married to the most stunning Thai girl and she is a real petite. It would be nice to be able to do something like that, but first of all I would like to build up my finances again. I know that it is going to take some time, and I am not sure it is going to work out. However, I still have my dreams and I cannot see anything wrong with that at all.

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