Look what the Easter Bunny Dragged In!

I am not a believer in mythological creatures or anything like that, but I could sweat that I saw a giant bunny in my garden the day Amy turned up in my life. It was my first time dating Wood Green escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/wood-green-escorts and I was a bit nervous, But I had this business function that I needed to go to and I felt that I could not turn up without any female company. So I called my local escort agency.

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Amy from Wood Green turned up about 6.30 as arranged. At the time I was just about ready and I asked her to sit in the living room and wait for a while. As she sat down, I asked her if she wanted to a drink but she said that she would much on some of her Easter eggs instead. It made me laugh and I was completely happy to leave her in the living room. My mate had warned me about escorts but this girl from Wood Green escorts seemed as friendly as anything, and I liked the air she had about her.

To be honest, I could not wait to talk to her. As I went upstairs to find my tie and put my after shave on, I was thinking about what to say to her. She was so pretty and seemed to be easy going but I was not sure on how to handle this 25 year old lady. As I came back down stairs, I could hear that Amy was talking to somebody. Her voice sounded a little bit distant and I realised that she was out in the garden.

When I entered the living room, Amy was sitting on the first step down to my patio. Her bag of Easter eggs was laid on the table, and it made me laugh, But who was Amy talking to. As I walked up to her, I realised that she was talking to what could only be described as an overgrown pet rabbit. It was grey and huge ears. This gorgeous girls from Wood Green escorts looked up at me and said that she liked my bunny. I told her that I had never seen it before, but it clearly seemed very friendly. As Amy and I went out, we left the bunny in the laundry room. When I came home, I was expecting it to have magically disappeared, but it had not.

As I am writing this, it is a year later. Amy and I have just celebrated my 55th birthday with a big party in a hotel in London. She left Wood Green escorts after I proposed to her. We are now living happily together in my home, but we are not alone. The giant bunny that turned up in my garden last Easter is sharing our lives. I still don’t have clue where it came from, but I think it is was meant to be our bunny. It seems to be just as delighted to live with us as we are with it. I never thought that I would become so fond of a silly bunny, and never would I have thought that I would fall in love with a nice young lady like Amy.

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