Moving on with Surrey escorts

I fell in love with one of the gents that I dated at a London agency, and I just had to leave. To be honest I don’t think the relationship would have worked out in the first place. He was really sophisticated and I was just this girl from Poland. Looking back I do realize that he had some feelings for me as well, and maybe we should have talked about it. But, every time he left my hear was breaking and I knew that I had to move on with my life. This is the main reason I left, and I am now finding myself here in Richmond, and working for Surrey escorts.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about Alan. Sometimes I am in the middle of the high street here in Richmond when he pops into my head. The other day I just stopped outside a shop, and starred up into the sky for a good ten minutes. It was the strangest feeling and I could not bring myself back down again. Images of him was just flashing through my mind, and I felt like I wanted to call out his name. Work at Surrey escorts soon got me back on the ground again.

I have met a lot of gents that I sort of fancied, but none that I have fallen in love with. Alan was special to me, and he had the most amazing personality. He was always fun to be with and he made me laugh. I like a man who can make me laugh, and I suppose that most girls do actually. Speaking to some of the girls here at Surrey escorts, I realize that falling in love is a bit of a professional hazard. Many of the girls that I work with have fallen in love with dates, and have found it difficult.

There are days when I think about leaving Surrey escorts, and go back to Mayfair. Parts of me want to see Alan again, and other parts are trying to be really sensible. It is not an easy situation to be in at all, and I keep looking at Alan’s telephone number which is programmed into my phone. He has phoned me a couple of times and asked me out for a drink. It would have been so easy to say yes, but I know that I would have ended up telling him everything.

I enjoy working for Surrey escorts, and I am settled in Richmond. It is really a great place to live, and I have been able to find some exciting things to do. I am only planning to work as an escort for another year, and then I am off to college. Alan is well aware of my plans and I am wondering if he thinks that I have already gone to college. After all I left without saying a word to him, and I suppose that is why he keeps calling me. Perhaps I should start taking his calls.

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