My Celebrity Client

Is it tough to work for London escorts? There are many aspects to working for London escorts. Sometimes it can even be tough to work for an escort agency in London and you have to be ready to face up to many challenges. In general, I enjoy all aspects of working for London escorts, but there is one thing that I really don’t enjoy, and that is dating celebrity clients.  


Not all London escorts date celebrity clients. The London escorts who don’t date celebrity clients think that they are hard done by and often dream of dating celebrity clients. W hen I first got involved with escorting, and worked for a cheap escort agency in London, I thought that I wanted to date celebrity clients as well. However, I soon learned that dating celebrity clients was not all that it was cracked up to be. The celebrities that are the worst are the one that think escorts are prostitutes to fuck? That is so far from the case.


When I met my first London escorts celebrity client, I have to admit that I was over the moon. At the time, I had just joined an elite London escorts agency, and I thought that nothing could stop me now. However, after I had been dating celebrity clients for a while, I realised what a fake world it is. Many male celebs who date London escorts are in fact gay and don’t want others to know about it in case it would ruin their image. I am not sure that there are any London escorts who really enjoy dating celebs. 


The problem is that celebs are prepared to say anything. They will even tell others that you are their girlfriend. That is pretty tough and you don’t always know what to say when others ask you where you met them. I find that dating celebs are both socially and personally awkward. Like so many other girls who work for London escorts, I would prefer not to do it. It is simply too much hassle most of the time, and I have not really met a nice celeb.  There have been some that i thought that were really, this was only surface personality.


Does dating celebs pay you more money? Don’t for one moment think that dating celebs pay you more money. The truth is that most celebs are pretty tight and don’t want to pay for things. I know many so-called celebs who go to parties just to get free stuff. Ultimately, the best thing about dating celebs is all of the free good bags that you get. I know that it is not very likely that I am going to get a ti, so instead, I try to make sure that I get a really nice goodie bag that I can take home with me. I know that I am not going to get a tip, and the best way to get something extra out of a date is to get a nice bag. But, when it call comes down to it, I would prefer not to date celebs and I think that many London escorts feel the same way. 


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