Serial dates with Chelsea Escorts

I had lunch with some of my old Chelsea escorts friends, and the conversation naturally slipped onto dating. We all used to work for the same Chelsea escorts agency, but I left after I got married. However, the great thing about us Chelsea escorts is that we like to keep in touch and I know that most Chelsea escorts remain friends. Most of us are now former Chelsea escorts but we still class ourselves as Chelsea girls. I have to admit that we are kind of proud of having been Chelsea girls.

Serial dates with Chelsea Escorts
Serial dates with Chelsea Escorts

Once you have been an escorts you have many things to share. Escorting is a very personal business, and there are many ups and downs. We have a lot of laughs and most of all we have a giggle about our dates, some of them just live in a complete fantasy world. Today,we found ourselves talking about serial daters. Is there such a thing as serial daters?

It may sound a bit strange but there is such a thing as serial daters. A lot of men who enjoy dating escorts do not only do so in Chelsea, London. They date escorts all over the world and have a great time. Some of them are married, others are not but the large majority of them are international businessmen of some standing.

A lot of these gents have money to burn, and they don’t know what to spend it on next. After they have bought all of the golf equipment they need, many of them start spending their surplus income on dating escorts.

Why do they date escorts? I am sure a lot of these men could find lovely ladies to marry but you have to understand one thing – these men are thrill seekers. This is probably one of the main reasons, they date like to date escorts. To them it is a thrill and they get a kick out of meeting different women from many parts of the world.

To some of these men it is also a bit of a challenge to see how many girls they can date and what they can get the girls to do for them. Here in the UK, the escorts business is strictly regulated but in the US it is more open. American escorts are much more open about themselves, and some of the images on their websites are almost pornographic. Chelsea escorts are always sexy but nice ladies

A friend of mine who dates a lot, says he doesn’t like dating in the States. All of the girls to him are very unclassy, and he says that many of them are on the cheap side. Tony loves to date in London and says that most of the  Chelsea escorts here are stunning. They are just as hot as American girls but they have a certain class about them.

Are you a serial dater? Ask yourself why you like to date ladies from all over the place, and would you consider yourself a bit of thrill seeker? I think that most of you are … it is just that you don’t get your kicks from sky diving.

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