Should we have sex just for fun?

One of my best friends at London escorts is into what she calls recreational fucking. It means that she picks up guys, takes them home and shags their brains out. Of course, they love it and want to see her again, but she does not hook up with the same guy twice. In many ways, she has turned picking up men into a sport, and just gets a kick out of controlling men. When she takes these guys home, she seldom let them do something they would like to do. She has sex with them her way, or no way at all.

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It can be argued that men have done this for ages. But, times have changed, and female have now become the predators. I keep wondering if men know that they are being preyed up on for sex. It would be interesting to mention it to some of the guys I date at London escorts to find out what they think. One thing is for sure, I think that most girls would object to being preyed up, and played with for fun. So, should we think of sex as a fun recreational sport that we can enjoy on our time off from work?

I am not sure about that at all. Sex is great, but I enjoy having sex in sort of sensual sort of way. To me, sex is nothing without the things that come before it such as kissing and cuddling. It is not what my friend from London escorts is into at all. She says that she seldom kisses a guy or gives him a hug. The only reason for her to get close to a man after hours, is to have pure sex with him. There is no affection there at all, and I think she is kind of missing the point.

How will she feel in a couple of years time? She says that she also wants physical pleasure, and seems to fail to recognize there is a lot of emotional pleasure when you can enjoy good sex as well. I am not sure she realises that she is doing herself a lot of mental harm by just picking up guys for recreational fucking. Sometimes I think that she has become more aggressive and you can even tell when you meet her at London escorts, that she is more aggressive.

Sex for fun is okay, but I think that we should recognise that sex has a different meaning to each and every one of us. I have met a lot of guys at London escorts who say that the feeling have gone out of their sex lives. That is probably true, and I realise that the emotional link on sex is just as important yo men and women. I would personally not have sex with a person if I do not feel anything for them. Maybe this is wrong of me, but I think that having an emotional need to have sex, is just as important as having a physical need to have sex. Even raw animal lust can mean you have feelings for one another.

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