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I am in love with a man but I don’t like him

A year back I fell in love with a man I had met at London escorts. However, the more I got to know this guy I realised that I did not really like him. When we were together, he was the most wonderful guy. That is when we were together at London escorts on our […]

Should I make a move on her?

Since I split up with my last girlfriend, I have not really had a long lasting relationship. Now I met this lovely girl who works for a London escorts service. The fact that she works for a London escorts service is not a problem for me at all, but I do worry about her sexuality. […]

What happened to putting a tie on?

The other night, I took one of my favorite girls from the best escorts agency in London out for a meal and drink. We stopped by this pub first of all, and looking around the pub, I realised that many of the girls in the pub, were not London escorts, but they still had made […]

Do you fake it?

A lot of women do still fake their orgasms, and I think there is a very good reason why so many women do that. Speaking to my friends outside of London escorts, it is clear that many of them do like to fake their orgasms. The reason is simple, they do not want their boyfriends […]