This is How to Look Your Best on A Date

Don’t get me wrong, but I do think some gents should spend some more time getting ready for dates. The other day, a gent turned up for a London escorts date looking like he had just got out of bed. He is normally so smart and I had to ask him if he was okay. He just explained that he had just come from the rowing club, and had not had the time to “spruce” himself up as he said. I could certainly see that, and I was not sure what his business colleagues would think of him.

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First of all, I do think that all gents should wear a tie on a date. It looks so much smarter and when you are on a business date, it sort of sets the scene. I am sure that most gents business colleagues take them more seriously when they wear a tie, and that is an important part of business. But, I see more and more of my gents at London escorts turning up with a tie on business dates, and it does not look nice at all.

I think most London escorts have a pretty trained eye when it comes to gentlemen dress and grooming. If you see a gent turning up in a wrinkled shirt, you really need to ask yourself what is going on. There is no excuse for you to turn up in a wrinkled short to any sort of date, even though you may be an out of town visitor. Most hotels have ironing services, and it does not cost a lot to have a shirt pressed before you go out on a date.

Another thing which all gents should learn how to do, is to undo their jacket when they sit down. I do date a lot of American gentlemen at London escorts, and not only do they wear poorly tailored suits, but they also leave their jackets done up when they sit down. It does not look nice at all, but they seem to be having hard time with the concept of undoing their jackets. Men who are interviewed on TV also often keep their jackets buttoned, and that does not look nice neither.

Am I too critical? I don’t think that I am too critical but some London escorts think that I mother my gents. I guess that I do in a way, but I have noticed that many of them really do seem to appreciate being mothered. There is something fundamental about being mothered that gentlemen find comforting, and when you listen to a man talk, you will often find that he mentions his mom in passing. Do men ever grow up? I am not sure that they do, and quite honestly, I am not sure that they want to. Perhaps they like to date me because I like to mother them, you never know. That is not a problem for me as long as they come back to see me.

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