Why I am happy to have a West London escort as my girlfriend



I am so happy that finally I have a beautiful loving girlfriend. I am not saying that she is my first but I am sure that she is my last. Well, she is no other than a West London escort, since I met her life changed into something better. Better than I expected. She is the reason why I smile a lot and happy. She is the reason why I choose to do good things in life. She is the reason that I have plans for the future. It was only in her I feel so loved and cared. It is only with my West London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/west-london-escorts/ I work hard. Before that West London escort who makes my heart happy there was once a girl who broke it into pieces. I was in a long term relationship with Isabella; no one can resist her beauty. College I am so in love with her. Yes, I am not a woman’s type physically since I am a fat guy but wealthy. I enrolled into a expensive university, Isabella is a scholar. I know to her that she came into a poor family. But because of her talents and intelligent, she is granted a full scholarship. Everyone in the campus admire her though I heard lots of humour that she is a user. It doesn’t fear me since I do have feelings for her. When she and her former boyfriend broke up, I am so happy. I thought that it would be a great chance for me to enter her life. Her past boyfriend is really far different from me; he is a tall and fit guy, a most valuable player in basketball, and a girl’s type. I knew that it would be impossible for her to like me but I still try even I knew the answer. Unexpectedly she agrees to be in a relationship with me with a twist. She wants it to be a secret. At first it wasn’t an issue for me, but as time pass by it becomes since she goes out treating me like a friend in front of everyone. She demands more financially and materialistically. What triggers me is when I caught her on the act making love with another guy but on me she didn’t. We are in a two year relationship and even one time she never wants to be touch by me. I did everything to her, even spoiled her to everything. It hurts me but it’s time for me to cut the connection between us. I go to West London for good, to find peace and myself. I met Janice, a West London escort for a long time. We are so perfect together, every time I book her I slowly understand why I was being fooled. West London escort was right, love cannot be buying, I have to find someone who sees my soul, the one who will appreciate me for who I am and not what I am. And I found it with a West London escort named Janice.

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