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Is it tough to work for London escorts? There are many aspects to working for London escorts. Sometimes it can even be tough to work for an escort agency in London and you have to be ready to face up to many challenges. In general, I enjoy all aspects of working for London escorts, but […]

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Something tells me that there is not going to be a chance for me to have someone else after my girl got out of our relationship. It’s hard to understand what she is thinking most of the time because we are to different people. But at the end of the day the truth was I […]

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There’s always plenty of reason for me to stay with my relationship now. Especially now that I have been able to have such memorable memories with my girlfriend. My girlfriend is a lovely Dalston escort of and she is the only one I can always think about. I guess one could say that I am […]

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People say to me all of the time that I am a useless person and that I do not have the right to be happy about my life. That’s why it was a huge surprise to me when a girl fell in love with me. She is a Soho escort that I really would love […]

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  When I first started to work for St Johns Wood escorts, I didn’t expect to be this busy but I certainly am a busy girl. I have dated more chaps in the last few months than I ever did during my time in central London. However, I still understand that there are broken and […]

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I often see guys that I would like to chat up, or ‘pull” as some of the girls at Dagenham escorts of say. However, there is always something there to stop me, and I am not sure that I will ever be comfortable pulling men. Some girls are happy to do so, but I […]

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There is a huge connection that I have for somebody. But I fear like she might not feel the same towards me so I just kept it to myself over time. It’s really hard to be honest because I don’t want to out myself out there and get hurt at the end of the day. […]