Working for London escorts has really increased my sexual confidence.

I know feel a lot more sexier, and in many ways I feel like a real woman. In many ways I think that life can be restrictive for many women these days. It sounds like a strange thing to say, but I think that a lot of women are afraid of being feminine these days. I have come to realize that a lot of it has to do with political correctness. For instance, I have noticed that you are much more likely to catch a woman in a trousers suit than wearing a skirt these days. To make a point, I always wear a sexy skirt or mini dress at


Anything that I have got really into since I joined as a sexy vixen from London escorts is looking after myself. I have noticed that when I pamper myself, I feel a lot more feminine. Before I joined London escorts, I never used to spend a lot of money on things like body lotion. Now I only buy quality products and that makes me feel a lot more feminine. My bathroom routine has changed and it now takes me longer to get out of the bathroom. Nothing like a little bit of pampering!


My shopping choices have changed as well. Yes, I used to buy high heeled shoes, but since joining London escorts, I have invested in some really nice stilettos. Did you know that stilettos can make you feel sexy? I have rather a few pairs of stilettos that I wear at London escorts, and as soon as I slip them on, I start to feel super sexy. It is also a very powerful feeling. I feel like a grow in confidence and stature when I put on my London escorts stilettos. Feeling confident can really help you feel like a real woman, and the confidence boost is a real turn on in more ways than one. Start having those guys lust after you.


Yes, working for London escorts has a lot to do with confidence. I have noticed that a lot of women who are successful and confident, are not afraid of being real women. They show off their femininity and it is a bit like they are proud of it. All of these things really help and I think that it makes us notice these women more. Many of these women really do stand out in a crowd, and I have noticed that many London escorts also stand out in a crowd. It is like their femininity radiates from within.


I am sure that there are many more tricks to becoming a real woman. Above all you should not be scared of your femininity. I do think that many women are almost frightened of showing themselves. You feel like you want to shout to them to show off their cleavages and legs. Before I joined London escorts, I thought twice about doing that. Now I don’t worry about that at all, and like so many other girls at London escorts, I do enjoy being a real woman!

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